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Whole School Incursions

At Sporting Minds, we are dedicated to inspiring the next generation through our engaging and dynamic school incursions. Our mission is to bring the engagement of sports and physical education directly to the classroom, fostering a love for an active and healthy lifestyle.

Out team of qualified Health and PE Teachers will work closely with your school to design a program that aligns seamlessly with your goals. Whether you’re looking to introduce students to new sports, enhance existing skills, or foster teamwork and sportsmanship, we’ve got you covered. Join us in promoting a culture of teamwork and perseverance, one school incursion at a time.

Sporting Minds

Why Choose Us?

For optimal health benefits, children and young people (aged 5–17 years) should aim to:


Program Highlights

School Carnivals

House Sports

Celebration Days

Whole-School Events

Amazing Race

Survivor Challenge

Nerf War

Multi-Sport Tournaments

Twilight Events

School Fundraising Days